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The tyres of motor vehicles are accepted as tyre waste. Vehicle tyres must not be placed in the property’s dry or mixed waste container. Sites have separate piles for tyres with and without rims.

Machine rubber tracks and snowmobile tracks

Machine rubber tracks and snowmobile tracks are accepted at all sites in a separate pile in the vicinity of vehicle tyres. The acceptance fee for machine rubber tracks and snowmobile tracks is EUR 250/tonne + weighing fee EUR 19 (excl. VAT). Individual machine rubber tracks are accepted during the opening hours of the waste treatment sites. Delivery of larger quantities must be agreed in advance by email tyonjohto[at]

Producer responsibility

Vehicle (e.g. car or motorcycle) tyres are subject to producer responsibility, according to which the manufacturers and importers of products have an obligation under the Waste Act to arrange waste management for the products at their own expense. Machine rubber tracks are not subject to producer responsibility. In Finland, the approved producer association for tyres is Finnish Tyre Recycling Ltd. Within the framework of producer responsibility, tyres can be returned free of charge to all official collection points, such as the waste treatment sites of Kiertokapula.