Invoicing of waste container emptying

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We normally invoice for waste collection every three (3) months. If you wish, you can change the billing cycle to one month, three months or six months. Amounts less than five (5) euros will not be invoiced, with the amount instead carried over to the next billing cycle.

Billing cycles of waste collection

In Hattula, Hausjärvi, Loppi, Nurmijärvi, Riihimäki and Valkeakoski, customers are billed for waste collection fees in January, April, July and October.

In Hyvinkää, Janakkala, Kerava and Tuusula, customers are billed in February, May, August and November.

In Hämeenlinna, Järvenpää and Mäntsälä, customers are billed in March, June, September and December.

Invoices for local collection points arrive in January and July.

Invoices for collections that are billed every six months arrive in January and July.

Invoices for collections that are billed once a year arrive in January.

Basic charges are billed in January and July, unless the charge is included on the invoice for waste collection fees.

We prefer e-invoices

In 2023, we will start charging a billing surcharge of two (2) euros for paper invoices. However, the first bill of the year is free of charge. You can order an e-invoice easily in your online bank.