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We tour and collect household hazardous waste weekly in Hattula, Hämeenlinna, Janakkala, Kerava and Tuusula. The time spent at one point is 15 minutes. Tours are not made on the eves of midweek holidays.

Quantities accepted during weekly tours:

Waste not accepted during weekly tours:

  • lubricating oil (i.e. waste oil) 25 l (total volume of containers)
  • paint, varnish, glue, hardener 10 l (total volume of containers)
  • solvents (e.g. windscreen cleaner, thinner) 10 l (total volume of containers)
  • strong washing and cleaning detergents 10 l (total volume of containers)
  • coolant and brake fluids 10 l (total volume of containers)
  • lead-acid accumulators 1 unit (no metal shells)
  • oil filters and other solid oily waste 10 kg
  • pesticides and plant protectants 5 kg
  • fluorescent tubes or energy-saving bulbs 5 units
  • waste electric and electronic equipment
  • asbestos
  • impregnated wood
  • vehicle tyres
  • mixed waste
  • mortars
  • cements and fillers
  • foam, powder, liquid and carbon dioxide extinguishers
  • camping cooker cartridges
  • unknown waste
  • empty plastic or metal packaging that contained hazardous waste (empty plastic packaging that contained hazardous waste belongs in mixed waste, metal packaging in metal packaging waste)

Hazardous waste collection days

Tuusula, Kerava, Janakkala (Tervakoski)

Tuesday, every week

Jokelantie 917, Tuusula (Jokela), Rinki eco take-back pointat 3.40 pm
Aleksis Kiven tie 7, Kerava, parking lot  at 4.25 pm
Sointulantie, Tuusula (Lahela), Lahelanniitty playing fieldat 5.10 pm
Rajapirtintie 2, Janakkala (Tervakoski), parking lotat 6.20 pm

Hämeenlinna, Hattula, Janakkala (Turenki)

Thursday, every week

Hallintotie 2, Hämeenlinna (Iittala), Rinki eco take-back point at 3.40 pm
Ratatie 3, Hattula (Parola), municipal depot at 4.15 pm
Hauhontie 4, Hämeenlinna (Hauho), ABC Stationat 5.00 pm
Mommilantie 24, Hämeenlinna (Lammi), fire stationat 5.45 pm
Kauppakuja 1, Janakkala (Turenki), parking lot                                                at 6.35 pm

Private households can also deliver their hazardous waste to municipal depots, our waste treatment sites and collection drives.