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Regional collection points are mixed waste collection points maintained by Kiertokapula. In some municipalities, it is possible for residents to join as users of a regional collection point if property-specific waste transport cannot be carried out. There are regional collection points in Hämeenlinna, Mäntsälä, Riihimäki and Valkeakoski.

Regional collection points can be used by residential and holiday properties that have paid the annual fee for the point. A reasonable amount of waste generated in dwellings that would be suitable for the property’s own waste container in terms of its size and properties can be delivered to the point. No hazardous waste, waste electric and electronic equipment, construction waste, furniture items or garden waste may be delivered to the point. Waste must not be left outside the container.

Fees for regional collection point use    

Price EUR/month (VAT 24 %)Price EUR/year (VAT 24 %)
Permanent dwelling     18.65223.80
Permanent dwelling where biowaste is composted15.54186,48
Holiday home9.33111.96
Holiday home where biowaste is composted7.7793.24
New key to replace a lost one73.70