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The location of waste containers must be arranged so that there are no thresholds, stairs or other obstacles, and entrance must be directly from outdoors. The structures and equipment of the site must be sufficiently strong and appropriate so that moving the containers does not cause damage to them. In addition, it must be possible to keep the doors open if needed.

The location of waste containers must be designed so that the collection containers of different types of waste can be emptied without moving the other containers. The waste collection point must not be used as storage and must have adequate lighting.

The location of waste containers and the transfer routes of the containers must be properly maintained, including snow clearance and sanding.

Location of the collection site

  • Manually movable containers must be placed near the plot’s driveway so that the garbage truck is able to safely drive at least within ten metres of the containers unobstructed.
  • The garbage truck either does not need to reverse in the yard or the reversing distance should be as short as possible.
  • If necessary, a no parking sign should be placed in front of the waste collection point to ensure unobstructed access to the waste container shelter.
  • Also take into account the high space required for emptying different types of containers (e.g. deep container).
  • If necessary, the plot will be equipped with guidance on the location of the waste collection point and with a no parking sign in front of it.
  • Be sure to also familiarise yourself with the municipality’s building regulations, as they affect the location of the collection site.

Road to the collection site

  • The route to the waste point must be able to bear the load of a garbage truck. Please note that a full garbage truck can weigh up to 30 tonnes.
  • The driveway width required by the garbage truck is at least three metres, four metres in curves, and with a free passage height of four metres.
  • The garbage truck needs an area measuring 20 x 20 metres to turn around.
  • Road maintenance in winter is important. Snow and an icy road prevent the truck from reaching its destination and the waste container will not be emptied. Report a road in poor condition to the waste management customer service in good time before the emptying date.
  • Permission to use weight-restricted roads with heavier equipment must be submitted in writing to Kiertokapula’s customer service (excl. Nurmijärvi).

Locking of the waste collection point

Locking the waste collection point or waste management route is not mandatory. If the waste collection point is locked, it must be possible to access it with the waste collector’s master key in accordance with the waste management regulations. Kiertokapula uses a waste collector’s master key set in cooperation with Abloy and Hyvinkään Turvalukko.Housing companies can order their locks from any Abloy-authorised locksmith.

New properties and old properties where the locks are renewed must be rekeyed to the set in question. Lock replacements must be reported to Kiertokapula’s customer service. Sites using old property-specific keys should switch to the new waste collector’s master key set as soon as possible.