Waste container emptying intervals

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The waste management regulations define emptying intervals for different waste containers. You can influence the emptying interval according to the order of priority law. The priority is to reduce the amount of waste generated and then to recycle and recover waste that is suitable for that purpose.

Separate collection or composting of biowaste is a prerequisite for a longer emptying interval of the waste container.

Read on our website how to start composting on your property.

Longest emptying intervals for waste containers:

Type of wasteLongest emptying interval
Mixed waste4 weeks*
Dry waste (property has separate collection or composting of biowaste)8 weeks
Deep collection of mixed waste 8 weeks
Biowaste2 weeks
Biowaste collected in a deep collection or mechanically refrigerated container 4 weeks
Carton packaging waste16 weeks
Plastic packaging waste  16 weeks
Cardboard packaging waste6 months
Metal6 months
Glass packaging waste 6 months

*In accordance with the waste management regulations (only in Finnish) that entered into force on 1 May 2022, the emptying interval of a mixed waste container can be four weeks throughout the year. If desired, the customer can specify a shorter emptying interval in their agreement for periods during which more waste is generated (e.g. summer). Changes can be made in our customer service.

Waste container capacity

Only waste intended for the container may be placed in the waste container.

The maximum amount of waste that may be placed in manually movable containers is:

• containers of under 120 litres: 20 kg

• containers of 120–240 litres: 40 kg

• containers of 241–660 litres: 60 kg