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We receive and process a wide range of waste in our five waste treatment sites. One of the main goals of the waste treatment sites is that they do not harm the environment in the short or long term. Environmental permits closely define the framework of our operations.

Environmental and waste legislation governs the construction, management and supervision of waste treatment sites. The aim is to prevent pollution of bodies of water, groundwater, soil and air. Each Kiertokapula waste treatment site has its own environmental monitoring programme based on environmental permits, which define precisely what environmental factors are measured and monitored and how often.

The monitoring programmes of waste treatment sites may differ considerably from one another due to, for example, the requirements of the environmental permit, the supervisory authority, activities of various operators in the area and the individual features of the treatment site. Past activities in the area may also have an impact on the monitoring programme. In addition to environmental monitoring required by the authorities, we employ enhanced monitoring when the situation so requires. The reporting of monitoring results is an important part of our overall process. Our operations are supervised by regional ELY Centres and local environmental authorities.