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Recyclable waste generated in dwellings in densely populated areas must be sorted and separately collected in separate property-specific waste containers in accordance with waste management regulations.

The sorting obligations for metal and glass packaging will change during 2023. The table below shows the sorting obligations of properties.

This map (in finnish) shows areas in which recyclable waste (cardboard, glass and plastic packaging and metal) and biowaste are collected by means of separate collection in accordance with waste management regulations and related obligations. Please note that the changes concerning the separate collection of biowaste will not enter into force until 2024.

Permanent dwelling,
Holiday home
Housing companies with
5-9 apartments
Housing companies with 10 than more apartments
Mixed or Dry waste
Carton packaging
Plastic packaging
Metalfrom 1 July 2023
Glass packaging from 1 July 2023
*As prescribed by Sections 49 and 50 of the Waste Act