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Arranging joint waste collection with nearby properties can be a good and affordable solution for organising the property’s waste management. Along with other careful waste sorting, jointly owned waste containers often bring savings in the property’s waste costs.

Jointly owned containers for dry and mixed waste

A jointly owned container is suitable for properties where the amount of waste generated may be low or waste is generated irregularly. It is also a convenient solution for holiday properties that may be located in a difficult place. Holiday properties can also use the same waste container with nearby permanent residential properties.

Jointly owned containers for biowaste

When biowaste is sorted out of mixed waste, the emptying interval of the waste container can be extended. With the sorting of biowaste, the mixed waste container becomes a so-called dry waste container, in which case its longest possible emptying interval without a separate application is up to eight week throughout the year. Under certain conditions, a 12-week emptying interval can be applied for in writing from the Waste Management Board Kolmenkierto.

In practice, joint biowaste collection can be set up in densely populated areas or along the route in a location with passing biowaste collection vehicles. Biowaste is collected in a wheeled waste container of 140 or 240 litres. The longest possible emptying interval for a biowaste container throughout the year is two weeks. Washing of the container twice a year is included in the emptying price. Read more about the sorting of biowaste here.

Joint composting

A composter can also be shared by several properties or apartments. A responsible person must be appointed for the composter if it is shared by more than three apartments. The joint composting of at least five housing units must be reported to the Waste Management Board Kolmenkierto using a form (only in Finnish).

Setting up joint waste collection

In Kiertokapula’s operating area, the easiest way to set up jointly owned containers for mixed, dry and biowaste is by filling in an electronic form. You can fill in the form here (only in Finnish). The joint collection of metal and glass packaging waste in Mäntsälä and additionally the joint collection of carton and plastic packaging waste in Valkeakoski are also set up through Kiertokapula’s customer service. If there are more than ten users, please contact Kiertokapula’s customer service. The agreement is made by the chosen head of the joint collection, who will also report any subsequent changes. The participants and their container utilisation share percentages need to be determined when setting up joint waste collection.

The cost of emptying can be divided by Kiertokapula in accordance with the container utilisation share percentages, in which case each co-owner receives a separate invoice. Splitting of the invoice by Kiertokapula will result in no additional costs. The invoice can also be sent in full to the head of the joint collection. In other municipalities where Kiertokapula is only responsible for the collection of mixed, dry and biowaste, the joint collection of packaging waste is agreed with the transport company and the head of the joint collection notifies the waste management authority (only in Finnish) of the joint collection.