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The pick-up service transports large and unnecessary household items and pre-packaged waste to the waste treatment site by van. You can order the pick-up service to transport e.g. furniture items or broken electrical appliances. We do pick-ups on Mondays and Wednesdays.

When using the service, please note the following safety considerations:

  • All items must be ready for pick-up outdoors
  • The item to be picked up must be clearly marked
  • The service is paid for by invoice, not in cash
  • The pick-up service does not pick up items from households where there has been a case of the coronavirus within two weeks

Kiertokapula offers a pick-up service for household waste in its operating area in the municipalities of Kerava, Tuusula, Järvenpää, Hyvinkää, Mäntsälä, Loppi, Riihimäki, Hausjärvi, Janakkala, Hämeenlinna, Hattula, Valkeakoski and Nurmijärvi. The loads are delivered to Kiertokapula’s waste treatment sites for processing, from where they are delivered for recovery as material or energy.

We pick up and take care of your items

Order waste pick-up from Kiertokapula’s customer service. The pick-up date is agreed with customer service when ordering.

The customer must be present if the items to be picked up are in a locked space. In addition, the route must be unobstructed. The items can also be picked up from outdoors, in which case the customer does not have to be present. In this case, the items must be clearly marked.

The pick-up service accepts:

  • furniture items
  • household appliances
  • confidential waste
  • waste items of small size in garbage bags

The pick-up service does not accept:

  • hazardous waste, medical waste
  • fluorescent tubes
  • loose mixed waste
  • asbestos
  • biowaste
  • raking waste/garden waste
  • animal waste
  • unpacked window glass
  • aquariums
  • pianos
  • bath tubs
  • boats

Pick-up service pricing

Basic pick-up with transport costs EUR 79. The price includes 15 minutes of work on site and one cubic metre (1 m³) of space for items (e.g. washing machine, two-seater sofa or five 200-litre garbage bags). The working time starts as soon as the vehicle arrives at the destination.

An additional work fee will be charged for working time exceeding 15 minutes. The cost of additional work is EUR 35 for every starting 15 minutes. EUR 21 is charged for additional cubic metres of space for items. The prices include VAT 24% and the waste treatment charge. The pick-up is paid for by invoice.

The pick-up can be cancelled no later than one day before the agreed pick-up date. A fee of EUR 30 (incl. VAT) is charged for a pick-up that was not cancelled.