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The obligation to sort biowaste has extended to include also smaller properties between 1–4 apartments. The obligation concerns population areas with more than 5000 inhabitants including peripheral areas within the Kiertokapula region. Kiertokapula customers must inform whether they are processing bio-waste on their property or if a biowaste container is needed. Kiertokapula will deliver the containers according to the collected information.

Deliveries of biowaste containers have now started. Please contact our customer service if you have filled the notification form about composting and the container has been unnecessarily delivered.

You can see the obligation areas viewing the location of your own property on the map. Select area B on the map to see the obligation area.

Alternatives for sorting and collecting biowaste on the property:

1. Composting on the property

You can compost the biowaste you have produced and utilize its nutrients on your property. For composting it is recommended to reserve 50–100 litres/person/year or according to the composter manufacturer’s instructions. Composting biowaste on the property must be reported to the waste management authority. The notification form is found here. The notification is valid for five years. To read more about composting, click here. Also here you can find a list of composters that comply with regulations.

2. Biowaste container supplied by Kiertokapula

A ventilated biowaste container is delivered to the property. Maximum emptying interval of the container is four weeks and size of the container 140 litres. The waste container must be placed next to a driveway or next to a road.

If biowaste is composted on the property all year round, there is no need for a biowaste container. However, if composting is done only part of the year, a biowaste container will be delivered to the property to cover the time period of not composting.

3. Shared biowaste container with neighbours

You can make an agreement with your nearby neighbours about the use of a joint biowaste container or composter. Shared use is a great way to collect biowaste if your property produces small amounts of biowaste and you want to save on waste costs. Use of the joint biowaste container is limited to maximum of five (5) apartments and the furthest distance to the container from the property is 500 meters. The contract is made in the name of a chosen contact person from the group. Only that person has the right to change the content of the service, for example the emptying rhythms, container sizes and types of waste, order additional emptying’s and notify changes in the partners. The container is delivered to the location indicated by the owner of the contract. You can fill out the form here.

Before notifying of the shared biowaste container, make an agreement with the other parties of these matters:

• Who is going to be the contact person.

• How the bill will be shared between the parties.

• Will the invoice for biowaste collection be sent to the contact person or separately to each.

Once these have been agreed upon:

• Each party needs to answer the survey and choose the shared container.

• A form will be sent to the contact person, where information concerning all the parties is collected.

• The contact person fills out the form and returns it to customer service.

A shared composter is also an alternative. A person responsible for it is defined by whose yard the composter is located on. The person responsible, acts also as a contact person to Kiertokapula and fills the composting form to the authority. Information of the participating properties needs to be included in the form. In real estates one composter can be shared by 6 people. For composting it is recommended to reserve 50–100 litres/person/year or according to the composter manufacturer’s instructions. The distance between a partner and the composter may not be more than 500 m.

A ventilated biowaste container

A 140-liter ventilated biowaste container is sufficient for most properties. Emptying interval of the container is max. 4 weeks. In the ventilated biowaste container, the biowaste will dry out, so there will be no disturbing odours. External dimensions of the bio-waste container are approximately 50 x 107 x 55 cm (width x height x depth). Biowaste should be packed in biodegradable bags or paper bags when using a ventilated biowaste container.