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Kiertokapula handles the collection of plastic packaging waste in those municipalities where it also handles the collection of mixed and biowaste. Matters related to the collection of plastic packaging for properties can be handled through our customer service (excl. Janakkala and Nurmijärvi).

Separate collection of plastic packaging waste is mandatory for properties with at least five housing units. For other properties covered by municipal waste management, such as schools and kindergartens, a collection obligation arises when at least 20 kilograms of plastic packaging is accumulated per month. Kiertokapula handles the collection of plastic packaging in those municipalities where it also handles the collection of mixed and biowaste.

Other properties along the route of the vehicle collecting plastic packaging, such as detached houses or smaller housing companies, can also join the collection. It is also possible to collect plastic packaging jointly with other nearby properties. The joining of properties outside population centres will have to be considered separately, as long drives are not an environmentally friendly option. A better option is to transport plastic packaging to a RINKI eco take-back point in connection with, for example, a shopping trip.

If you want to start collecting plastic packaging on your property, please contact our customer service to determine the suitability of the property for the collection. You can contact our customer service tel. 075 753 0010 or by email asiakaspalvelu[at]


PLASTIC PACKAGING, small manually movable containersEmptying price EUR (VAT 24%)
Waste container 240 l5,40
Waste container 360 l – 370 l5,40
Waste container 660 l6,00

The price of the collection of plastic packaging includes a collection container, which is delivered to the property at the start of the collection. The collection of plastic packaging can also be arranged as deep collection, in which case the property is responsible for acquiring and installing the collection container. The property is also responsible for arranging a collection site in accordance with the waste management regulations (only in Finnish).

Sorting of plastic packaging

You can order waste container labels and sorting instructions for the property’s waste collection point from our online services (only in Finnish) to facilitate sorting. The waste containers supplied by Kiertokapula come already labelled with plastic packaging sorting instructions. For questions related to sorting, please contact Kiertokapula’s guidance tel. 075 753 0011 (Mon–Fri 8 am–3 pm) or neuvonta[at]

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