Scrap metal

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Waste is sorted as scrap metal when well over half of its weight consists of metal. Items that belong in scrap metal include, for example:

  • bicycles
  • electric wires, extension cords and cables
  • internal-combustion engines without fluids
  • roofing sheet
  • wood-burning sauna stoves
  • empty, dry paint cans (lid removed)
  • empty carbon dioxide cartridges
  • empty fire extinguishers and camping cooker cartridges (without valve)
  • catalytic converters
  • opened empty and clean barrels
  • aluminium foil for construction

Ammunition cartridges are accepted as scrap metal at our waste treatment sites (not at municipal depots or other collections). Cartridges must not be mixed with other scrap metal, but sorted into their own container. When delivering cartridges to waste treatment sites, please ask our personnel for the location of the cartridge container. Unused ammunition should be taken to the location indicated by the police.