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Items sorted into roofing felt include roofing felt pieces of all sizes as well as rolls of bitumen roofing felt.

Items that do not belong in roofing felt waste include:

  • Felt containing asbestos
  • Moulding and insulation materials
  • Wood, batten and plywood materials
  • Carton and aluminium papers
  • Large metals and metal sheets
  • Soil and aggregates
  • Rubber and plastic materials

The felt may have nails attached to it and there may be small amounts of pea gravel and insulation materials attached to the bitumen. A total of 2% by volume of such contaminants is allowed (visual inspection). If the roofing felt is from the 1930s to the 1980s and has not been subject to an asbestos survey, or the asbestos survey carried out shows that the waste contains asbestos, the felt is accepted as asbestos waste. If roofing felt from the 1930s to the 1980s has been subject to an asbestos survey and there is no asbestos in the felt, it can be accepted as roofing felt waste. Read more about asbestos waste.