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Remove any plastic wrappers. Place in the container as loose items.


  • newspapers and magazines
  • adverts, envelopes
  • catalogues, books (remove plastic-covered and hard covers and sort them into mixed waste)
  • copy and printer papers
  • white drawing paper


  • paper carriers or bags
  • carton packaging, e.g. flour bag
  • gift wrapping paper
  • wet or dirty paper
  • shredded paper

Book and notebook materials should be separated before being placed in collection containers. Only uncovered paperback books can be sorted directly into paper collection. If the paperback book is covered with plastic, for example, the covers should be removed. The inside pages are then sorted into paper collection and the covers into dry or mixed waste. The covers of hardcover books should also be removed. The metal part of spiral notebooks should be removed and sorted into metal collection.

More information

In Finland, paper is subject to producer responsibility, according to which the manufacturers and importers of paper products have a responsibility to arrange waste management for paper. In Finland, the approved producer associations for paper are Suomen Keräyspaperi Tuottajayhteisö Oy and Suomen Keräystuote Oy.

Within the framework of producer responsibility, delivering paper to collection is free of charge for the consumer. Paper is collected mainly on a property-specific basis in apartment buildings and terraced houses. Residents of detached houses and sparsely populated areas are served by regional paper collection points.