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Some types of waste cannot be placed in the property’s waste containers or delivered to Kiertokapula’s waste treatment sites. Other parties are responsible for their collection and disposal. If you are unsure about waste acceptance practices, please contact Kiertokapula’s guidance tel. 075 753 0011 or by email neuvonta[at]

Kiertokapula does not accept

The party to enquire about acceptance in brackets.

  • Ammunition and firearms (police)
  • Sludge from sand separator traps (Fortum, Loimi-Hämeen Jätehuolto)
  • Fireworks (seller or in mixed waste after one day of soaking)
  • Emergency flares (seller or police)
  • Detached, not activated car airbags (car dealers and repair shops)
  • Toilet waste (composting on property)
  • LPG cylinders (Woikoski, Aga, Neste, Fortum)
  • Radioactive substances (Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority)
  • Sludge from grease traps (Fortum, Envor)
  • Explosives (police)
  • Sludge from cesspools and septic tanks (municipal wastewater treatment plants)
  • Foam glass
  • Large refrigeration equipment from companies, such as cold rooms and refrigerated counters
  • Oil tanks with tar pitch coating (scrap shops)