Confidential waste

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Items that belong in confidential waste include materials containing personal data or other confidential information, such as:

  • CDs, DVDs
  • DATs
  • folders
  • hard disks (hard drives)
  • floppy disks
  • payment cards (e.g. bank and credit cards)
  • flash drives
  • papers, folders and binders

Due to limited reception capacity, the acceptance of confidential waste is intended mainly for small amounts of waste. Confidential waste loads exceeding 200 litres must be agreed in advance by email tyonjohto[at]

Please report deliveries of confidential waste to the scale office when entering the site. Our employees will help you with weighing and unloading the waste.

WEEE confidential waste

Our waste treatment sites (excl. Puolmatka waste treatment site) and municipal depots have separate secure boxes for WEEE confidential waste. Read more about WEEE confidential waste.