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Examples of brushwood include:

  • tree and shrub branches smaller than your wrist in diameter
  • trimmed hedges

Soil or invasive alien species, such as rugosa rose, must not be placed in brushwood waste. Read more about invasive alien species.

More information

At waste treatment sites, brushwood and related root balls are accepted as different types of waste in separate piles at recyclable waste fields. Root balls are included with stumps at the site.

The most affordable way to treat brushwood waste is in your own yard. Brushwood and branches should be chipped and used as cover for the roots of shrubs and plantings. The chips also work as bedding for the composter. Some municipalities also have their own collection points for brushwood waste, ask for more information from your own municipality.

Taking brushwood waste to someone else’s property is prohibited under the Waste Act. This also applies to land owned by the municipality or city, as well as other public land. Brushwood waste must not be burned in densely populated areas.