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Pure asphalt is sorted into asphalt. Individual stones with a maximum diameter of 20 cm may be included. Of the weight of the asphalt load, the share of coarse soil, such as sand, gravel and aggregate (no fine soil) must not exceed 20%.

The sorting and acceptance practices for concrete vary by site.

Small waste loads

Car, van and trailer loads are accept in all of our waste treatment sites.


Asphalt loads delivered by truck are accept in Kapula and Karanoja. Asphalt loads delivered by truck must be accompanied by a shipping document.

Loads containing harmful substances or contaminants are only accepted at Karanoja in Hämeenlinna. Waste containing harmful substances (e.g. oil or PAHs) or contaminants (e.g. insulation) should be tested before acceptance. Acceptance is decided based on the results. Delivery must be agreed in advance by email: tyonjohto[at]